Ted Cruz is okay with

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Barack Obama looking to close

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The EPA passes its time

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Bill Clinton might have a

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Steven Seagal kicked out of

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Ted Cruz is okay with True Blood killing everyone at his fundraiser.

Confession: as much of a nerd as I am, I sort of stopped watching True Blood a few seasons ago. I lost track of when it was on and, it turns.. More →

Barack Obama looking to close on Palm Springs house with waterfall.

Barack Obama may have adopted Chicago as his “hometown” and “first love” but when looking for a peaceful place to retire from the public eye in a couple of.. More →

The EPA passes its time playing Kardashian games.

The rest of the country might be bitterly divided over the consequences of the Clean Air and Clean Water Acts (at least, when it’s convenient in an election year),.. More →

Bill Clinton might have a mistress the Secret Service call “Energizer.”

Bill Clinton has been quietly preparing for his wife’s stint as President, no doubt, and part of that is, obviously, perfecting his long game as far as the ladies.. More →

Steven Seagal kicked out of blues festival for Putin ties.

Two things you would have never known before reading this article: one, Steven Seagal is, in addition to being a martial arts guru and the only regular customer of the.. More →

President Obama will not give much-anticipated foreign policy interview to Jimmy Kimmel

Normally, in times of international upheaval, the leaders of our nation seek out trained, seasoned journalists and answer tough questions so that the American people can feel comforted that.. More →

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt fight over Barack Obama.

Angelina Jolie’s father, Jon Voight, is an outspoken conservative. Actually, calling him a conservative would imply that he has mild, nuanced opinions about the state of our nation, and.. More →

Joe Biden is better than George W. Bush at determining contents of people’s souls.

Actually, that’s only half accurate. While George W. Bush could only look into Vladimir Putin’s eyes and see the contents of  Vlad’s soul laid bare before him, as though George.. More →

Barack Obama will bend the arc of the moral universe.

Barack Obama is starting off this week with high expectations for himself. While he may still be facing fallout from his inability to take a burger order to go.. More →

Back up and running: technical difficulties. Sorry!

Yeah, last week kind of sucked. But thank heavens we’re all back on track again. Barack Obama has cowed Russia and Vladimir Putin into turning over the bodies and.. More →