Montana Dems pass on Jeff

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Hillary Clinton will need a

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Chris Christie and John McCain

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Ask Amelia: Tinder and Ebola.

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Barack Obama doesn't like cold

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Montana Dems pass on Jeff Bridges, nominate charming video blogger instead.

Sen. Max Baucus is now the ambassador to China. Sen. John Walsh has demurred on holding office for the next six years after it was revealed that he borrowed.. More →

Hillary Clinton will need a private gulfstream to speak at your convention.

Hillary Clinton has lived a hard life, especially since her husband left office in 2000. After dealing with money troubles, an election in a state that she didn’t live.. More →

Chris Christie and John McCain party in the Hamptons.

The “it” crowd is spending its time bathing themselves to Paris Hilton’s amateur DJ sets in Ibiza this summer, but that doesn’t mean the Americans who are unable to catch.. More →

Ask Amelia: Tinder and Ebola.

How long before we all die of the Ebola? @ChrisBarnhart Dear Chris, Ah, the Ebola. According to the internet, that’s probably not going to happen. Sure, 90% of Ebola.. More →

Barack Obama doesn’t like cold ocean water.

Although he’s vacationing in one of America’s most exclusive summer spots (though it’s beyond me as to why he hasn’t dipped a toe into the Hamptons by now, though.. More →

Marco Rubio is balding. Or something.

There is something wrong with Marco Rubio’s hairline and the Washington Post is concerned. A political science colleague reports that he received the following e-mail from a reporter: I am.. More →

This Iraq thing is totally not Barack Obama’s fault, okay?

He campaigned on it. He made it a centerpiece of his first term, and when it happened, Barack Obama patted himself on the back and made his successful draw-down.. More →

Bill and Hillary Clinton are terrifying beachgoers in the Hamptons

Bill and Hillary Clinton, no longer responsible for world affairs and pleasantly flush with cash, are vacationing in the Hamptons this weekend, because nothing says concern for the welfare.. More →

Rep. Stephen Fincher loves shagging.

Here’s a lesson for social media communications directors everywhere: never let the Representative your advising connect his Twitter account to Pandora, lest he inadvertently reveal much more about himself.. More →

The White House tried to get Bill Nye the Science Guy to sell insurance to nerds.

Now, while I like Neil DeGrasse Tyson, especially when he’s taking it to anti-science non-GMO fanatics on the Internet, I have a hard time understanding the hype surrounding Bill.. More →