Romney Won Michigan and Other Stuff

I am shocked, SHOCKED, that Romney won. Or as the waitresses as Big Boy said this morning, “I’m not a Romney fan, but when Santorum said he wanted to outlaw birth control and church and state shouldn’t be separated I knew I had to get my fanny to the polls. More coffee, hun?”

In other news, Obama decided to get all Michigan on us by jazzing up his union supporters.

“They’re out there talking about you like you’re some special interest that needs to be beaten down,” Obama told cheering union members. And those who claim that bailouts were just a labor payback are simply peddling a “load of you-know-what.”

I think it’s delicious that he used the word “peddler.” Not only because it indicates his Webster’s thesaurus is earmarked more than his budget proposal, but also because peddlers travel from town to town selling cheap and ineffective goods for far more than they’re worth. Reminds me of GM’s Chevy Volt, to be honest.

My next favorite line was when Obama said he would drive a Volt “five years from now.” You know, “when I’m out of the White House.” If I had a penny for every time the “five years from now” argument was used regarding terrible economic policies, I would have many, many pennies. Reminds me of former Michigan Gov. Granholm’s State of the State back in 2006 where she told everyone they’d be “blown away” by the success of her progressive economic policies … in five years. (Note: this speech was followed by Michigan’s loss of per-capita personal income, decline in state GDP, increase in unemployment, and truly record-setting migration out of the state).

FYI, this is also the exact same rhetoric employed in  addiction therapy.

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