Bristol Palin is still interesting to some people.

The show must go on. Unfortunately, the show I’m speaking of stars a Palin and will air on Lifetime.

I have no explanation for it, America, except that it is. And you probably can’t do anything about it.

Lifetime has picked up Bristol Palin: Life’s A Tripp, a 10-episode docuseries chronicling Bristol Palin’s life as a young, single mother living in the spotlight of being Sarah Palin’s daughter. The series will focus on how Bristol adjusts to life in Alaska with her son Tripp and her interactions with with her parents, former Alaska governor and Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin and Todd, and siblings.

Since it’s on Lifetime, there’s a 50% chance that Mark Paul Gosselear will make an appearance in the role as Bristol’s half-brother/long-lost cousin/decidedly inappropriate love interest, so there’s some saving grace. And the truth is, although we can harangue her for being a reality television attention whore, there really is no one on reality television that isn’t an attention whore, so I’m out of things to say on this one.

If Snooki’s baby is born in December 21, 2012, though, I am gonna say “I told you so.”

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