Mitt Romney’s vacation house has more lobbyists than you do (plus bonus car elevator).

The opposition research has begun!

Mitt Romney has never been one to allow others to outdo him. So, when he heard that Barack Obama spent his vacations in a 28.5 acre Martha’s Vineyard  estate (that he was only thinking of buying), someone had to release information about where Mitt Romney powered down for the winter. As it turns out, Romney, not to be outdone by other millionaires, has applied for a permit to bulldoze his current La Jolla “manse,” which is a modest 3,000 square foot, $12 million home, and replace it with a 11,000 square foot mansion that comes complete with a car elevator (which turns a two-car garage into a four-car garage by letting you stack two Cadillacs on top of each other) and its very own lobbyist, whose primary job it is to facilitate construction and overcome government obstacles.

Peterson, according to the biography on his the website of his law firm, Peterson & Price, A.P.C., is a “registered lobbyist” for clients on real-estate matters. His practice “emphasizes municipal and governmental advocacy” for clients seeking building permits, “property development entitlements” and “zoning violation matters.” [...]

Listed on Peterson’s client disclosure forms as “Willard Romney,” the former Massachusetts governor paid Peterson to lobby four San Diego city officials: the project manager responsible for the planned construction, an assistant city attorney and two engineers.

Personally, if the guy wants a damned car elevator, let him have his damned car elevator. Its not like he’s paying for his vacations, wardrobe and housing with taxpayer money like some people we know. And even at a whopping 11,000 square feet of usable space, its only 500 square feet bigger than Barack Obama’s Hyde Park home away from home. Of course, Mitt also has another sizable property in New Hampshire where he spends his Summer months.

And its Mitt Romney. If he doesn’t have a massive mansion where he can spend his days safely away from sunlight, and a basement laboratory where they can replace his worn out parts without fear of running into nosy media outlets looking through the windows, he’s not the Mitt Romney I thought he was. Which might not be a bad thing. But still.


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