Current fires Keith Olbermann because he’s a d*ck.

If we were taking bets on which media blowhard would end March without a job, I totally would have put my money on Rush Limbaugh. He is, after all, the obvious choice. Unfortunately for Rush, he had two things going for him: (1), he has a conservative audience which isn’t easily swayed by Media Matters campaigns designed to revoke the freedom of speech from everyone who disagrees with their core donor base and (2) he appears not to be a complete d*ckhead. At least publicly. I have no idea what Rush Limbaugh is like in private, nor do I want to know.

Keith Olbermann, on the other hand, was fired Friday from his job on Al Gore’s Current TV, which actually is a television station, because – and this is key because its so t0tally unbelievable – it turns out Keith Olbermann has an ego. An ego that noted paragon of humility Al Gore had a difficult time wrangling him into, you know, working and stuff.

What is clear from the correspondence is that the relationship was dissolving amid a flurry of mutual recriminations. Gore had welcomed Olbermann as the new face of a little-watched network, anointing him chief news officer and giving him an equity stake in the operation. Gore had dealt with big egos in politics, but he and Hyatt told colleagues they had never dealt with anyone quite like Olbermann.

Of course, it appears the conflict centered around Keith’s, perpetually outraged champion of the “little guy,” being forced to regularly interact with the 99%, whom it appeared he not only despised, but couldn’t stand the smell of.

Suits at Al Gore’s fledgling cable network sacked the temperamental man-of-the-people after a series of on-the-job clashes, including the diva’s outrageous run of car services, network sources told The Post yesterday.

“Current went through eight different [limo] companies with Keith. Each and every time . . . he didn’t like them,” a network insider said.

“One time it was that the drivers talked to him, he did not like that the driver saw fit to speak to him. The other time he complained that the driver smelled.”

Goddam help. Don’t they know their place? Don’t they know who this is? This is Keith F***ing Olbermann, not some wishy-washy nightly news host with a job on basic cable. Keith doesn’t need people to watch him because he’s legendary. In fact, avert your eyes, peon!

Unfortunately, for Keith, Current TV was probably the last successful gig he’ll ever have, (though, to be fair, you can’t fire someone from Facebook and Twitter for being an a**hole, or there’d be no one left), and unfortunately for me, I’ll never be named Worst Person in the World, because now that era has, sadly, passed. But, of course, now Keith will have the honor of having been replaced not just by Skip Bayless, but by Al Sharpton and Eliot Spitzer. And I hear Anchorman II is casting.

P.S. Jim Treacher has unearthed video of Keith Olbermann reporting on Rush Limbaugh’s imminent departure from the airwaves.


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