Paul Ryan’s budget will probably kill you.

So far, today, Barack Obama has listed several ways in which the Ryan budget will kill you dead because of whatever and stuff. A speech is anticipated for later this afternoon, so expect this to be updated.

Ways you will die:

(1) Hurricanes will kill you.

(2) Airplanes will kill you.

(3) Your food will kill you.

(4) Your water will kill you.

(5) Weathermen and old satellites will kill you.

(6) Other people will kill you because, obviously, Paul Ryan is instituting Hunger Games for old people.

Obviously, unsustainable deficit spending on entitlement programs – the chief cause of the budget problems will not be addressed, nor will the Democrats plan to gut medicare using an extra-governmental advisory board – a happy surprise buried deep in Obamacare, somewhere under the elimination of funding for regular mammograms.

But cancer and government bureaucrats killing you is beside the point. You are going to die because of Paul Ryan, even if Paul has to come to each of your homes and do it himself. Because mark Obama’s words. He will.



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