Obama p*ssed Clooney is bigger star than him.

I get at least three emails a day about how Barack Obama is holding a fundraiser at George Clooney’s house OH MY GOD YOU GUYS! and for a mere $3 or $1 or nothing at all, you can enter to have your airfare, hotel and “plus 1″ paid for by the campaign if you’ll just give them your damned email address already.

Clooney seems to think he’s going to raise $10 million for the Obama 2012 campaign, which is possible if he is either an amazing draw for small-time donors or pays the $10 million himself through his own SuperPAC. Or if he sells his body to housewives. I suspect, though, that the obscene marketing strategy that is accompanying this initiative tells a slightly different story.

Or maybe it doesn’t.

George Clooney proved so powerful an attraction to President Obama’s supporters that his campaign sent out a condescending reminder that they’re supposed to care more about Obama than the actor.

“I really don’t care,” Ann Marie Habershaw, the Obama campaign’s chief operating officer, said in the subject line of an email about the Clooney fundraiser. After indicating some irritation about the avalanche of questions regarding the event, she reiterated “Honestly, I really don’t care who wins unless you’re talking about Election Day.”

Habershaw said she “won’t judge” people excited about the prospect of meeting Clooney, but made clear that she thinks their priorities are out of whack.

“The way I see it, this contest is really about more people owning a piece of this campaign,” she wrote. “(And, yes, any donation you make today also happens to automatically enter you for a chance to meet President Obama and George Clooney on May 10th in L.A.)”

The Obama website has this Joe Biden Beer Coozy, which says “Cheers, Champ!” I gave them ten bucks for it. I didn’t want to. But its the only chance I’m going to ever have to own a beer coozy with Joe Biden’s picture on it. I’m assuming that the people who gave a buck (or actually didn’t, since no purchase is required), have about the same reaction. For $3, your odds are better than a lottery ticket and you can always update your spam folder. Plus, George Clooney. Who cares who he votes for? He’s George Clooney.

I sort of feel bad for Barack Obama. This weeks’ been sh*t already. First Jimmy Kimmel hands it to him at the WHCD, then people are writing stories about how uncool he is, he gets yelled at by Arianna Huffington and now, George Clooney is beating him at his own game. If it weren’t for the possibility of being Bill Clinton’s third and fourth term, nothing would be keeping him together.

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