Hey girl, Nancy Pelosi wants to steal your boyfriend Paul Ryan.

So, by now, its no secret that I am one member of the team behind Hey Girl, It’s Paul Ryan. In fact, regular readers of this blog – all three of you – will know that some of the rudimentary meme pics were up here before a Tumblr ever existed. But that’s only the beginning of my tale.

Earlier this afternoon, after a little less than a week of notoriety, Hey Girl, It’s Paul Ryan received a special delivery. It seems a certain Dem leader, Ms. Former-Speaker-of-the-House Nancy Pelosi is a bit, shall we say, jealous, of the attention her co-Congressperson is getting. In response to the love and support being showered on Paul Ryan, she had her staff come up with their own Paul Ryan memes and then she shipped them to the DC press, and yours truly was on the recipient list.


You can see my adorable little Gmail person in the background, so you know its all me, but if you don’t believe me, you can always drop me a line and I’ll forward this little nugget to you. But if you’re in the DC media, you probably already have it and just don’t want to reveal this spectacular comedic failure.

Anywhoo, attached were 9 Hey Girl Its Paul Ryan “submissions” (numbered 2 – 10. One must have been REALLY awesome) and they were as amazing as you would expect. More, maybe.

#1 Old people scare tactic!

#2 Creepy Paul Ryan luring kids into his windowless van:

#3 Misleading statements on the nature of energy subsidies!


#5: Your children are going to STARVE and DIE. Because, obviously.

#6: Donald Trump and a three year old catchphrase. CULTURAL RELEVANCE!

#7: Made in Microsoft Paint

#8: Quotation marks!

And finally, #9: Did you know the government is supposed to create jobs?


I’m pretty sure the only way they could get better were if they used Comic Sans.  America, your tax dollars paid Nancy’s staff to devote swaths of their time to this. And this is what you got in return.

And seriously. These are from Nancy Pelosi’s office. Direct. I wouldn’t lie to you. Because there’s no way I would lie about something this totally and incredibly incredible.

  1. Joe
  2. response meme
    • chet
  3. response meme
  4. Mike
    • Gypsy
    • PinkPiranha
  5. jz
  6. Anthony Bialy
    • FriedFish
      • Sarah
      • chet
  7. John
    • emily
  8. Zanne
  9. keithofboston
  10. Ebuzz
  11. Dan tana
  12. Beth
    • emily
      • Beth
    • Clete Orris
      • Beth
    • Frank
  13. Steve S.
  14. james conrad
    • PCachu
  15. deimos
  16. HeatherRadish
  17. Linz
  18. rick
  19. Bill Bissenas
  20. Jack Squat Bupkis
  21. DaveinNC
  22. Gary Allan
  23. Tamminator
  24. Mark
    • Beth
  25. tomc
    • chet
  26. Aleric
  27. Deathknyte
  28. jsminch
  29. chique d'afrique
  30. liberalsRstupid
  31. Dejah Thoris
  32. Maggie O'C
  33. Quadko
  34. Elizabeth
  35. Liam

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