A Letter to the President

Dear President Obama,

I have a bone to pick with you. Your rogue political support of gay marriage yesterday,  which you announced in such an unbidden (Biden) way, was a beautiful statement to the hundreds of thousands of proud Americans who are just a little light in the loafers (and hey, that ain’t no problem here). But, lo, how fickle is thy “war on women” agenda.

You sure don’t know how to make a girl feel special. I remember it like it was only yesterday, when you held a White House forum on Women in the Economy to mostly women and neglected to mention a single economic victory, rather focusing on governmental creations such as Pell Grants to steer women into science and math and a White House Council on Women and Girls. It wasn’t about the economy. It was about us, as a special-interest, and that was real nice.

You even created a section of your website that markets exclusively to women. I can click buttons that read “How the Affordable Care Act Benefits You.” Once again, I can misunderstand how individual executive mandates affect insurance costs – if I choose. It seemed like you were all about women’s choice back then (last month).

I can also read about Julia and all her state-sponsored, government-endorsed actions. It’s really reassuring that the government has wholly replaced human interaction in her life; I was worried that my romanticizing “the state” was communistic and creepy, but now I’m not so alone knowing that 51 percent of the population can look to Obama as “their hero” with me in a vast, emotionally satisfied circle. It’s very Rousseau.

Of course, I know you need to have other special-interests. I thought I might be enough for you, and there did seem to be some confusion over whether you had a moral conviction about gay marriage or whether it was a political maneuver. It didn’t help that White House Press Secretary Jay Carney kept responding enigmatically to your stance: “It is as it was.” A little Old Testament for my taste, and as predicated on faith as your entire candidacy. In fact, your “evolving” statement should have been the first clue. Any male who says he’s evolving is most assuredly in a condition of homostasis – pun intended.

Let’s face it – I thought we had something special and we clearly never did. All of your actions recently have increasingly proven your desire to win reelection rather than stand for any moral principle. We all know that you never would have made this public statement had it not been for the unfortunate resignation of Richard Grenell and the incoherent but honest half-statements of your V.P. Your scorn for the incoming Taxmageddon, the latest prodigal, governmental waste of taxpayer resources and Europe’s increasing inclination towards socialism indicate you care little for everyday Americans – their values or their pocketbooks. Even Anderson Cooper has had it.

So I guess what I’m saying is, in the words of a very influential and intelligent American woman, “If that’s your line, I ain’t bitin’.” Let’s just work on making life freer and more prosperous for all Americans, regardless of sex and related preferences thereof.



Not the Spokeswoman of Women Everywhere

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