David Brock gets $1M for new media ground war, does nothing for his dating profile

Hey America, nice to see you!

Its been 24 hours since I decided to hide under my rock with a bucket of fried chicken and DVD boxed sets of Stargate in an effort to escape the horrendous civics education that has befallen our fair nation. In those 24 hours we’ve learned a few key things:

  • When Barack Obama shakes the Etch-a-Sketch, its not called flip-flopping; its called “evolving.” And he must be a young Earth creationist because his actual definition of “evolution” seems pretty nuanced. As in, it basically means, I totally evolved back to the position I held in 2006 but didn’t tell anyone about in 2008 except people totally knew I hearted gay marriage.” Totally fine. Lets move on.
  • Mitt Romney was an asshole in prep school. Because, when someone mentions they went to prep school, that doesn’t convey an image of someone possibly being an asshole at all. But, then he went full Mormon and stopped drinking and had a bunch of kids and the Washington Post seems to have gone pretty fake but accurate on the story anyway.
  • If the monarchy is disposed of in England, Prince Charles will have a pretty solid career as a weather presenter.
  • Liberals are f***ing terrified of what’s about to happen online.

That last one is a lead-in if you haven’t noticed. George Soros, who isn’t giving anything to anyone this cycle because they all turned out to be a bunch of massive f***-ups after 2008, failing miserably at bringing the kingdom of America under George’s control, is giving a million bucks to Media Matters founder David Brock to set up a multi-state web of investigative reporters called “American Bridge” (bridge to what?) that will follow Republican candidates around swing states and report on them and stuff.

George Soros is a major donor to the Democratic Party and to progressive causes and foundations. This week he announced he will be donating $100 million to support progressive groups this cycle. One of the first million-dollar donations will go to American Bridge, an oppo-research PAC set up by Media Matters founder David Brock…The donations by Soros suggest a new media strategy. Rather than fight an expensive air war of negative campaign ads, i.e. paid media, Soros is betting that Brock’s army of trackers will turn up embarrassing video which will result in free coverage via the mainstream media. Given the media’s leanings, that’s probably a safe bet.

A NY Times profile of the group’s activities published last summer described American Bridge as consisting of “dozens” of trackers sent to various key states and a Washington “war room” with a staff of 20 to collect and log video. The story indicates that federal election law prevents outside groups from producing ads based on video captured by DNC or campaign staff. Brock’s group will become a repository of clips available for use by those with outside money, though it’s not clear campaign ads will be necessary.

Politicos providing endless embarrassing footage? You don’t say! Things like that happen?

Unfortunately for Brock, Mitt Romney, as was demonstrated today, fairly good at message discipline, possibly because he’s a robot that is programmed with a particular message and incapable from deviating from a script. Which means unless he decides to do something really stupid, the most they’ll get is probably slightly-endearing, slightly-creepy footage of Mitt Romney attempting to bypass his circuitry in an effort to seem more human.

The one thing I question is Soros’ decision to hire Brock to head up what appears to be a “covert” media operation. After all, Media Matters isn’t exactly “under the radar,” even though they think they are, and when Brock has attempted to his extra-curricular new media activities from the general public, he’s been, shall we say, less than successful.

So we can’t confirm that this is real, and its not like he’s going to admit to it, but what it is is filled with the kind of irony Media Matters only dreams Fox News would overly express.

Only white people need apply? Isn’t that a teensy bit racist? Just looking for Christians? Media Matters stated goal of totally destroying Christian broadcasters will probably have a detrimental effect on responses to that.

And seriously. Who says they’re “49 but don’t look or seem it.” Has he seen a mirror lately? Or, for that matter, a stylist?

If this is the kind of “covert operation” American Bridge has in store, well, call us crazy, but we can’t f***ing wait.

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