Chicago Occupiers try to Occupy Rush Limbaugh, fail miserably.

There is a reason that my ridiculous generation has had to resort to sleeping in public parks in order to protest “the Man” and his corporate benefactors. It’s because after over a decade of public schooling our brains have been beaten to a grayish-yellow pulp that holds nothing but the lyrics to 90s alternative rock songs and pours out nothing but terrible ideas.

NATO is descending on my beloved city this weekend, which means I’ll be spending the next several days casing subdivision garage sales in the suburbs and pretending I won’t miss my valuables when a mob of rabid anarchists destroys the Caribou Coffee I live over in a misdirected attack against the banking establishment. Because, their attacks will be misdirected.

Because – and this is key – the Occupiers who have come to Chicago to protest whatever the hell they believe NATO is, have absolutely no f***ing clue what they’re doing. Yesterday, they organized a march and rally to offices in Chicago that they were under the impression somehow contained Rush Limbaugh:

Rush Limbaugh does not broadcast from 190 N. State. Rush Limbaugh does not broadcast from Chicago. Rush Limbaugh doesn’t even live within a three state radius of Illinois. The Rush Limbaugh Show’s offices are in New York. And, from what I understand, he doesn’t even broadcast from there. He lives in Florida.

But that didn’t stop hundreds of idiots from amassing outside of 190 N. State , which is actually home to Chicago’s WLS, which is one of hundreds of radio stations that air Rush Limbaugh through syndication (along with a number of AFL-CIO-owned stations) to “send a message” to Rush Limbaugh. Thankfully, the “protest” was merely a Festivus-like “airing of grievances” so the protesters remained undeterred.

Today, the same protesters are dressing, unironically or, perhaps meta-ironically, as clowns.

BUT WAIT! THERE’S MORE: From alert reader/blogger Warner Todd Huston who was on the scene yesterday, it appears that the protest, which was intended to interrupt Limbaugh’s broadcast, actually started several hours after Limbaugh was on the air. The original destination of the protest, it seems, before someone caught the more visible error, was the TVB television station. Smarties!

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