Daily Digest

1. The administration apparently only pays attention to our immigration problem from time to time.

2. A federal court finally confirms the obvious, the administration hindered the Black Panther voter intimidation investigation.

3. Scalia shows Obama the respect he deserves.

4. More institutional racism from Obama: Obama advocates a race based quota system for student discipline.

5. Happy Birthday Milton Friedman, you are sorely missed!

6. It appears that Wall St. is betting on Romney to win come November.

7. Illegal immigrant criminals have a high recidivism rate? Ya don’t say!

8. 1 in 3 doctors hates government in medicine so much that they plan on quitting within the next decade. Apparently having the best healthcare system and it being free don’t go too well together.

9. Flashback to 2008: “I will not run negative ads” – Barrack Obama. Soooo what happened?

10. A tasteless yet accurate billboard in Aurora, CO brings to light a certain truth about our overpowered federal government.

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