Joe Biden discovers just how amazing Detroit is.

Joe Biden is in Detroit today to talk about how Detroit is back from the dead, and ostensibly about how amazing unions are for the American worker. According to the press releases, Joe is going to wax poetic about how Detroit was once a festering hole in the ground, suffering at the mercy of mean old capitalists who drove the car companies into bankruptcy, but it was rescued from it’s descent into madness and Thunderdome by a caring and compassionate Obama administration, who threw millions of taxpayer dollars at the mis-managed General Motors in an attempt to save thousands of union voters…er…jobs.

Luckily, Joe Biden seems to have a sense of irony.

Because so does Detroit.

A U-Haul being used by the secret service for Vice President Joe Biden’s visit to the Labor Day Rally in Detroit on Monday was stolen out of a hotel parking lot Sunday morning.

The U-Haul was stolen form the Holiday Inn parking lot in downtown Detroit on Washington Boulevard.

The hotel has declined to comment.

Look. I grew up in Detroit. A couple of million dollars to a car company (that borrowed even more tax dollars to “pay their loan back”) isn’t gonna save a city that has more crack houses than able-bodies workers, and more wild dogs than new ideas. Detroit has suffered from half a century of poor leadership, from jerks who bulldozed functioning black neighborhoods in the sixties in favor of project housing, to Coleman Young who spewed so much anti-white hatred at the suburbs they kept moving the borders further and further out, to mid-90s car companies so convinced that gas-guzzling SUVs were the wave of the future that they made deals with union devils that paid 95% pensions and $30 an hour for workers to sleep. Detroit isn’t going to be rescued by hope and change.

An atom bomb that forces the population to scatter and the city to rebuild, maybe, but not an empty suit with platitudes about glowing days ahead. Bears are moving back into the city. You can buy a house for less than it costs to buy a car. In the public school book depository, the books are turning back into trees. I’m not saying Joe Biden deserved to have his Secret Service van stolen, but I am saying that maybe, just maybe, they shouldn’t haven’t their goddam Labor Day celebration in a city that hires more people to shoe horses than it does to oversee it’s economic future.

(And shockingly, the horseshoe-er is a AFSCME union worker).


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