Jimmy Carter’s grandson only wanted to protect the illustrious legacy of Jimmy Carter

So this Mitt Romney video where he’s all like “government spending is wrong!” and “I don’t waste my money marketing to people I know won’t vote for me anyway!” is still making it’s rounds, giving life to a million horribly-made liberal meme graphics currently flooding Facebook as though it were possible to bring about a second Obama term through Internet fatigue alone.

Only now, it seems it’s not the whole video as Mother Jones admitted this morning, noting that the video came to their editors in two separate files, with a small, if not significant portion of Romney’s speech (presumably captured between the two individual files), omitted. According to Mother Jones, the gap was explained to the by the videographer’s representative, Jimmy Carter’s out-of-work grandson, as being the fault of an “automatic shutoff” feature on the camera, an explanation Mother Jones just took at face value lest the real answer required research, which Mother Jones was not particularly interested in doing, apparently.

So that all begs the question: was Jimmy Carter’s grandson just marketing the speech for his own good health, well-being and mental security, or is it possible that the man was setting an agenda, mayhaps one that directly conflicts with Romney’s possible election?

Of course it’s not.

The grandson of former president Jimmy Carter told NBC News that he was motivated by Republican attacks on his grandfather’s foreign policy record to help leak a secretly recorded video that has become Mitt Romney’s latest headache.

James Carter IV, who is 35 and unemployed, said he helped persuade the person who filmed the May 17 fundraiser in Boca Raton, Fla., to leak the video to the press. Carter described himself as a “partisan Democrat” devoted to getting president Obama reelected, but he also told NBC that he had a personal stake in going after Romney.

Look, I feel for this guy. Because not only is he unemployed in this economy, but he feels some sort of compulsive need to preserve the legacy of a man who can truly be described as a better peanut farmer than President. And not just by Republicans. By anyone who has ever lived in forever.

This isn’t like we’re trying to pick up the pieces of a forgotten, but truly beneficial to America, legacy, like Jimmy were Calvin Coolidge or Grover Cleveland or any of those other Presidents you know nothing about and forget immediately after being forced to memorize them in order in third grade. This is a man whose defining Presidential moment came when he faced off against a killer bunny rabbit in a creek. Otherwise it’s all economic downturns and foreign policy mistakes and gas shortages and probably, like, one secret thing Phillip Seymour Hoffman will star in a movie about.

Give it up, dude. And go back to being whatever the hell you were before your parents revoked your trust fund and you were forced to become the go between for a media outlet and a guy who can’t keep his cell phone on for more than five minutes at a time.

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