A vote for Mitt Romney will totally have you crawling back to Joe Biden

Apparently, Joe Biden is taking over the campaigning this week as Obama solemnly handles Chris Christie. On the plus side, this means that television coverage of the election is significantly more entertaining, though significantly more entertaining if Joe Biden were to drive the Trans Am he was always meant to have around to individual voters’ homes and give them individual hugs.

But even Joe Biden has a contingency plan. While he might be giving the audiences at his rallies the Full Biden today – or as he puts it, “the whole load” which can either be a reference to porn or pooping or both, depending on your frame of mind and your Internet cache – he’s definitely keeping an eye on his future prospects.

The problem is, obviously, not that insurance rates have gone up (for the employers who haven’t completely given up on insurance altogether), but that this would, of course, involve voting for Joe Biden.

But, then again, I mean, he is giving you the full load.

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