Morning report: The last, best day

This happens tomorrow, people. TOMORROW. Start stocking the canned food, because I fear it’s time may be nigh.

I refuse to make election prediction. Partly because that’s not my field of expertise, and partly because, while I feel like the momentum (and the independent vote) is with Romney, you should never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups. Michigan elected Jennifer Granholm after she single-handedly torched the state’s economy. Twice.

1. The electoral college models are very disparate. Which means someone is very, very wrong.

2. In case you were wondering what else was set to follow along the “Climate Change” last minute election play by the Obama campaign, they’ve released their second term agenda for the EPA. And it’s as awesome as you’d expect it to be.

3. The Obama campaign has apparently not been keeping track of Ohio early voting numbers.

4. The Million Muppet March to “save PBS” drew approximately 500 – 1000 people depending on which news source you read. Which means that while they enjoy dressing up as Sesame Street, it’s unlikely anyone who attended watched it. The Count is disappointed.

5. In case you were wondering, because of Obama, the military is totally less racist now. Or something.


6. CBS has released new video showing Barack Obama denying the Benghazi attack was terrorism. After he knew the Benghazi attack was terrorism. But whateves. BINDERS FULL OF WOMEN.

7. But that’s cool. The US Ambassador to Pakistan is totally going to be forthcoming with classified information on civilian casualties in the Middle East. Well, to Code Pink.

8. Obama isn’t drawing the crowds that he used to. But he is drawing the hecklers.

9. Residents of Staten Island would like to know why Obama hates New York.

10. And finally, this happened.

Good luck, America. You’re gonna need it.

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