Planned Parenthood would like you to please spread your legs and vote

So, Planned Parenthood has updated their Facebook cover photo for GOTV.

Ladies, please, just relax. This voting thing won’t hurt a bit.

I get the middle two (patriotic birth control and an IUD, respectively), because obviously, if Mitt Romney is elected President, he’s going to lock away all the birth control in America and force aborted babies to jump back into their mothers so that they can be forced to carry them to term or something, and apparently no form of contraception looks like the letter “E,” but what the hell is going on with that “V?”

I mean, the message this appears to be sending,  other than that the only part of women that can make an informed decision about what’s in her best interest lies somewhere in her Southern hemisphere’s tropical zone, is that nothing says “liberated women vote” like a cliche male sexual fantasy. Dark hose, red shoes, woman on her back with her legs spread? This is totally what our feminist mothers burned their support bras for. Let’s make sure you all cast your ballot to preserve your ability to star in terrible pornography and Lover’s Lane ads! VAGINAS!

I don’t even. I mean, come onnnnn.

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