Morning Report: IT’S HERE.

More than likely, I’ll be on Twitter most of the day and not here, unless something really awesome happens. It’s just (1) way easier to keep up with the amount of news that will come out over the course of the day, and (2) it’s easier to Tweet while drinking than it is to blog while drinking, and I just put Bailey’s in my coffee.

So let’s run down what you need to know headed into today.

1. One of the first rules of campaign management is that you never stop campaigning until the polls close. Obama stopped campaigning last night. In a half empty arena. If this guy doesn’t win, this is just sad.

2. Going into election day, Rassmussen has Romney up 1% nationwide, but tied in swing states. Internal polling has Romney up 1% in Ohio, but tied in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Minnesota.

3. Early reports had Romney up by 92,000 in Ohio early voting. Those numbers have since been pulled from official reports, but we do know that turnout is down by around 4% in Obama/Kerry counties in Ohio, but up around 15% in Bush/McCain counties, at least in the first hour of Ohio voting.

4. Joe Biden says that this NOT the last time he’ll vote for himself on a Presidential ticket, so there’s that.

5. Court appointed GOP poll inspectors were forcibly removed from PA polling locations, but were just reinstated by court order.

It’s up to you, America. DO IT.

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