Nancy Pelosi has income redistributed, not in the good, Socialisty way.

Napa Valley really is a beautiful place. Not only does it have sprawling landscapes, gorgeous scenery and a very convenient Kohls for when you accidentally go on vacation without your pajamas, but it’s one of the few places on Earth where highly educated professionals can get wasted and stumble around aimlessly without having to report it to an ethics board. In fact, they’ll even let you stay where wine is made, because if there’s anything you can say about doctors and lawyers, is that they like their alcoholism as convenient as possible.

Nancy Pelosi, House Minority Leader extraordinaire, has a lovely vacation home right in the middle of the action, in Napa County, called Zinfandel Lane Vineyards- a quaint, six-acre, $25 million plot of land that produces Cabernet Sauvingnon grapes. It doesn’t produce wine, but then again, it also doesn’t produce jobs for union workers.

On election night, the winery got robbed.

Turns out things didn’t turn out quite so well for House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi on the homefront on Election Day.

Napa County sheriff’s deputies arrested Kevin Hagan who admitted burglarizing the California lawmaker’s vacation home twice — once on Monday and then again Tuesday. The sheriff’s office says Hagan admitted to six burglaries.

Hagan, 21, was arrested during another burglary outside St. Helena and deputies say they found a watch that was stolen from Pelosi’s vacation home. No one was home at the time.

The 21 year old is allegedly responsible for 6 burglaries in the Napa area, and was already on probation for Grand Theft Auto. Authorities found a watch that had been taken from the Pelosi home on Hagan when he was arrested. The burglary was not politically motivated.

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