Jesse Jackson Jr. wins re-election, all-expense paid stay in prison probably.

Right now, Jesse Jackson Jr. is celebrating his election victory by spending some “rest time” at the Mayo Clinic where he’s been receiving treatment for a bipolar disorder. Technically he’s on a “break” from his job as a legislator, but according to reports originating with US Prosecutors, Jackson may have a lot of time on his hands very soon.

Even though he handily hung on to his seat in Congress, Jackson Jr. is facing a federal indictment stemming from a spending problem, where he used campaign funds to furnish his home and buy really nice watches for his “female friend.” The latest word, though, is that Jackson is working on a plea deal with the Feds, trading his job in Congress, his pension and maybe his freedom for the benefit of not having a public trial.

CBS Chicago reported that Jackson’s lawyer, Dan Webb, is in talks with the U.S. Justice Department over the terms of the tentative deal. They include Jackson’s resignation from Congress for health reasons, a guilty plea related to misuse of campaign funds and the repayment of any funds he used for personal reasons.

The station said some jail time is also expected. It added that Jackson’s pension – expected to pay out up to $80,000 a year when the congressman turns 62 – is on the table as well.

He’ll also have to pay back the money he used to redecorate. And probably give back the watch.

This is, of course, only for previous campaigns. There are still lingering questions about Jackson’s most recent campaign, which wasn’t really a campaign so much as it appears to be a way to keep his family employed. Because while he wasn’t campaigning, his family was still receiving regular checks.

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