Nancy Pelosi will stay on as Dem leader, outraged you’d think otherwise.

Nancy held a presser this morning that the Washington Post totally thought meant she was going to step down because, apparently, the Washington Post has never actually met Nancy Pelosi. Obviously, she didn’t, and word has it that she will run unopposed for another term as House Minority Leader, placing herself at the front of the party and leading the Democrats down the proud road they’ve been on for years.

At her conference, reporter Luke Russert made the mistake of asking Pelosi why she would stay in place when there are other, younger, possibly more effective leaders waiting in the wings. It’s a legitimate question. But like with all legitimate questions, Democratic women have a way of shutting that whole thing down.

When NBC’s Luke Russert asked if she was preventing younger leaders from advancing in the party, Pelosi took offense and implied it was a sexist question.

“You’ve always asked that question except to [Republican Senate Minority Leader] Mitch McConnell,” she told the reporter, who framed his question as a comment made privately by some Democrats. Other members of Congress standing with her accused the reporter of “age discrimination.”

In fairness, everyone asks Mitch McConnell that question, which is why Luke Russert never asks it. And in Nancy’s defense, it’s not as though the leadership in the wings is killing their time waiting for leadership positions by playing tag in the House Office Buildings. Steny Hoyer, next up, is actually older than Pelosi. The youngest contender is, like, 65.

This actually might not be a bad strategy. Pelosi didn’t step down when her party faced a bloodbath in 2010, and her SuperPAC donated so much money to young Democratic candidates that they’d easily owe her their vote anyway. Not to mention, in 2014, Barack Obama won’t be hanging around Congresses neck anymore, so the time for younger leadership probably wouldn’t be right after a candidate wins re-election, but right about the time you’re looking to prove fresh blood actually exists.

Plus, really. What else is she going to do? There’s only so many facial muscles you can Botox.

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