EPA had private email address, was probably contacting Captain Planet

She may be just a mild mannered bureaucrat by day, pushing paper from one desk to another in a complex scheme of regulation designed to hobble the American energy industry in favor of hapless “green” alternatives, but it appears there’s a Lisa Jackson you don’t know. Because this Lisa Jackson allegedly uses alternate email addresses to communicate with the higher-level staff of the Environmental Protection Agency in order to avoid those pesky Freedom of Information Act requests citizens with complaints about her authoritative governing style keep sending her.

Superman might be Clark Kent, but Captain Planet is “Richard Windsor.”

Chris Horner, a senior fellow at the Competitive Enterprise Institute and vocal critical of the administration’s environmental policies, claimed earlier this month that, while researching a book, he discovered evidence that Jackson was using alias email accounts, including one under the name “Richard Windsor.”

“The use of these accounts could seriously impair records collection, preservation, and access, therefore compromising transparency and oversight,” the Republicans wrote in a letter to Jackson.

The lawmakers demanded that Jackson turn over all records related to “Richard Windsor” and all other aliases used by senior EPA officials.

They also sent letters to other top officials demanding information about the administration’s record-keeping policies. They gave Jackson and the other officials until the end of the month to respond.

I’d be tempted to suspect a nefarious plot here except that the stuff the EPA does above board is pretty sketchy, so what could really be left? A plot to replace carbon emissions with unicorns? Secret zombie containment plans? The whereabouts of the Al Gore that the current Al Gore appears to have eaten? The list could go on to include any number of weather-control-related Sixties spy movie plots.

But the thing is, the EPA is hardly the type of organization to hold the UN ransom. The Obama Administration loves the UN, especially now that it’s been given the same status as Iran when it comes to complaining about other countries’ human rights violations. And if the EPA had the power to summon the real Captain Planet, they would have been knocking heads a while ago. No, more likely these emails are filled with tragic things like higher-EPA-echelon Climate Change doubt. Fears that Global Warming might not be containable with crushing regulations on first world industry alone. Or worse, graphic descriptions of the bodily effects of Veganism.

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