Petraeus Kardashian got military aircraft joyrides because of banging generals.

Look, I’m not military material. I weigh like, 95 pounds. I mean, sure, you could probably send me under fences and through duct work and sh*t like that, but I’m not going to be much help in a desert. Or, like, in any situation that requires military expertise. But it’s not that I haven’t always wanted to do crazy awesome stuff for my country. Like ride in one of those badass fighter planes or shoot a flaming arrow at a terrorist. I just know my limits.

Or at least I thought I did. It turns out, you don’t need to be awesome at lifting stuff or disciplined or willing to get up at 5am every day, or any of the things that you typically associate with the kind of person you want in your armed forces, to do those things. At least, not the airplane part. All you need to do is (allegedly) have sex with someone with enough power to tell people you’re cool.

The Florida socialite at the centre of the David Petraeus sex scandal took multiple flights on military aircraft at taxpayers expenses, it has been claimed.

Jill Kelley even reportedly flew to Washington D.C. with General John Allen – the military commander she is said to have exchanged tens of thousands of emails with while he was in Afghanistan.

In terms of requesting perks from her high placed squeeze, though, Kelley was apparently pretty hapless. Some of the flights she took were open to anyone with the interest in requesting a ride, and though Kelley made some news last week after it was revealed that she “dined” at the White House, it turns out she was the cafeteria guest of a low level staffer.

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