Obama campaign made a crapload of money on ugly tee shirts

Remember Runway to Win? That little Obama campaign initiative that pitted major American designers against each other in a race to the bottom over who would create the ugliest and least wearable item of campaign-themed attire?

Well, despite objections to the style, substance and quality of the clothing articles, and the utter lack of cognitive ability expressed in the designs, which ranged from “small child with a Sharpie” to “colorblind hyena” in their complexity, the small collection, curated by the world’s utmost authority on fashion, presumably while she was high on cocaine in a club bathroom, netted a whopping $40 million dollars for the campaign.

Already one of most influential people in fashion, Vogue‘s editor in chief, Anna Wintour, proved this year that she can hold sway in political circles, too.

The president’s fourth-largest bundler, Wintour gave Obama a powerful financial boost in his re-election campaign, hosting several fundraising dinners (a Paris Fashion Week event cost $10,000 per ticket) and roping in high-profile designers to contribute to Runway to Win, a collection of fashionable campaign clothing and accessories sold through the Obama 2012 store. Marc Jacobs, Tory Burch and Dian von Furstenberg were just some of the big names who designed tees, totes and other paraphernalia for Obama’s re-election campaign, and the Runway to Win effort ultimately raised over $40 million, campaign manager Jim Messina told Bloomberg Businessweek.

Obviously, this proves that people will buy anything as long as it’s designer, and sold to them by someone who looks like Ben Stiller in a Muppet wig, possibly because compared to the other things these designers put out – namely, the things that allow them to respect themselves in the morning – the items available through Runway to Win were much cheaper and possibly also owned by Beyonce. Plus, people with money could wear campaign gear and still look like they could afford to purchase their celebratory wine by the bottle.

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