Romney face tattoo guy regrets face tattoo.

Look, most tattoos are great.

Ankle tattoos? Cute.

Tattoos between your shoulder blades? Usually badass. Neck tattoos? A little West-Coast-rapper-circa-1998 but still, on the right track. As long as you’re not looking to put a tattoo butterfly with your high school boyfriend’s name in the small of your back so it sticks up over the top of your G-string when it sticks out of your low rise jeans (that you probably wear with Ugg boots), I pretty much support your decision to get a tattoo.

But a face tattoo? You’re gonna regret that.

And shockingly, this guy regrets it.

Eric Hartsburg, the die hard Mitt Romney supporter who had the Romey/Ryan logo tattooed on his face, has decided it’s time for a clean slate. Literally…Hartsburg, a 30-year-old resident of Indiana, put his face up for “sale” on eBay in October of this year and was paid $5,000 to get a five by two inch tattoo of the Romney/Ryan campaign’s “R” logo on his forehead.

Far from the life commitment he purported to have made, Hartsburg decided to keep the tattoo for a mere two months.

So, what prompted the change? Hartsburg now tells POLITICO that after he heard Romney’s post-election comments, especially the claim that President Barack Obama won re-election because he gave “gifts” to various constituencies, he felt Romney was acting like a “sore loser.” Hartsburg found it “shameful” and said, “There’s no dignity in blaming somebody else for buying votes and paying off people. I can’t get behind that or stay behind that.”

This guy does not seem like a poster child for good decisions. I mean, he has a mushroom haircut. And why does someone need three lip piercings? One I can see. It has edge. Three makes it look like you really wanted a serious-looking soul patch but when you tried to grow it out, it looked like pubic hair so you just shoved a couple of studs through your lower lip instead.

Thankfully, someone has offered to take the tat off for free. Unfortunately, that’s really painful. But really.

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