Morning Report: Let it burn.

Apparently, Barack Obama presented his plan for avoiding the Fiscal Cliff to Republicans yesterday, and the plan involved a lot of tax increases but not a whole lot of spending cuts. And by “not a whole lot,” I actually mean “like one vague cut that might happen a few years down the road if you’re nice to him and you happen to be really lucky at cards.” In fact, at least one Republican reported that the Fiscal Cliff plan involved spending increases, which is obviously a fantastically awesome idea if you are trying to avoid going bankrupt because of spending increases.

Mitch McConnell is said to have actually laughed. Partly because he’s a dick and partly because, well, you have to laugh because, what the hell else are you going to do. Either Skippy wants to head straight off the cliff into Crazytown, or he wants to engineer a  win by placing the stakes so high, that any Republican compromise hovers somewhere around the “175% growth of government” mark.

Perhaps we should take Peter Suderman’s advice and just propose disbanding the whole damn thing.

1. French government leadership would like you to know they’re not really socialists. They’re just doing exactly what Obama did. And it’s working just as well for them!

2. Which totally makes sense because, as Hillary Clinton put it, she and Obama totally repaired America’s relationship with Europe.

3. Egypt has finalized the working draft of their Constitution. It’s pretty much everything you expected.

4. Tax increases? Winning the Powerball jackpot would have only funded the federal government for a few hours, meaning they’d definitely be that lottery winner whoInside Edition would find three years later living in the same rotted out trailer with cars on concrete blocks in the front yard.

5. Lindsay Lohan is less of a train wreck than this.

Good luck, America. Stockpile that canned food.

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