Hillary and Ahmadenijad to bond over tea, crumpets, pantsuits

The US has sent word through Hillary Clinton that the US is ready and willing to engage in bilateral negotiations on nuclear weapons. Because, when you think about it, allowing a nation who would, if they had a nuclear weapon, turn most of the Eastern hemisphere into a giant sea of green glass, to come to the table and negotiate with only one country as though it had legitimate concerns about the future of it’s Earth-saving nuclear energy program, is a fantastic idea.

What could possibly go wrong?

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton stressed Friday night that the US is willing to hold bilateral talks with Iran, if Tehran were “ready to engage.”

She also said that the US was prepared to take reciprocal confidence-building steps alongside “verifiable” moves by Iran.

Clinton said that in the meantime Washington is consulting with the other world powers in the P5+1 negotiating team – England, France, Germany, China and Russia – on how to proceed.

To be fair, Mahmoud has a real sense of style, something Hillary Clinton, while well polished, seems to lack. If Hillary is serious about running for President in 2016, she’s going to have to step up her game, and no one can teach her how to rock the Members Only-and-Aviators look like the man who invented it.

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