Lindsay Lohan has exciting new job as possible tax fraud

Remember during the Presidential campaign, when Lindsay Lohan was Tweeting like crazy to the candidates over her support for tax cuts for the rich. Well, it turns out that Lohan isn’t so much the libertarian force for good that we thought she might be – at least after a couple of drinks, late at night – as she was trying to alert the Presidential candidates to the potential shortcomings of their respective economic plans. Namely that they still leveled taxes on Lindsay Lohan.

Because, as it turns out, while Lindsay Lohan has allegedly not been paying her legal team, allegedly not been paying for damage done to the cars she’s crashed and allegedly not been paying for certain items of jewelry she thinks will look best on her, she’s also allegedly not been paying her taxes. And now the IRS has seized her bank accounts.

It’s hard to keep up with all of Lindsay Lohan’s troubles lately. She was recently arrested and charged with assault in New York, and in California, she was charged the same day with three other crimes. But now Lohan has her finances to worry about, according to TMZ.

The IRS has seized all of the “Liz & Dick” star’s bank accounts, the website reported, because she owes more than $200,000 for unpaid taxes.

Apparently, LiLo didn’t pay any taxes in 2009 and 2010, and despite the IRS’s repeated requests, declined to pay them out of the piddly $2 million she earned doing sketchy modeling gigs and hilarious television movies in 2011. At one point, the demands became so intense that, of all people, Charlie Sheen, tried to intervene and give LiLo $100,000 in order to pay off at least part of her debts, and that only scratched the surface. The full amount Lohan owes is reportedly $233,904. And based on reports, it seems that she can’t pay.

I mean, seriously. Charlie Sheen. If Charlie Sheen is telling you have a problem, you most likely have a problem.

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