Morning Report: Cliff talks

We’ve started December. If you haven’t had children yet, it would be wise to have them now. As in, like, in the next several weeks, because the child tax credit is likely going to diminish starting January 1st. Sorry for such short notice.

1. Tim Geithner couldn’t figure out how to operate TurboTax correctly, but he’s the designated lead for the Obama Administration in Fiscal Cliff negotiations. Because if anyone knows about avoiding taxes, I suppose it’s Tim Geithner. The level of knowledge becomes apparent when you consider that higher tax rates don’t necessarily mean higher tax revenues.

2. Which could explain why the Obama campaign is still asking for donations.

3. If you’d prefer your money to go to a more ironic cause, you can donate to party for abortion rights thrown in honor of history’s most famous unplanned pregnancy.

4. If you need to make money, you can hand out fliers in Chicago for $8.75 an hour begging people not to be violent. And then probably also get shot and sue the state.

5. Bob Costas is as terrible a political analyst as he is a sports reporter.

It’s a new week, America. You can do it.

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