Michael Moore received welfare for anti-welfare film

Michigan had this film credit thing that was supposed to make our economy awesome, because if anything can fully replace a major manufacturing industry that supported an entire state in it’s heyday, it’s the fickle fortunes of the entertainment industry. I mean, sure, on the plus side, Red Dawn was filmed in Detroit, meaning that North Koreans attacked the only city in America that might have actually been better off under North Korea than it is under it’s current leadership, but Michigan also wasted millions of dollars it could have spent doing other things, like paying people. Or building stuff.

But, that was Jennifer Granholm, who despite her current success as a CurrentTV talking head and economic adviser to the people who weren’t paying attention to the flood of talent that left Michigan during her rein, and Jennifer Granholm would spend money on anything that didn’t directly involve improving Michigan’s economy. Jennifer Granholm had a worse economic strategy than Lindsay Lohan, and Lindsay Lohan had to beg for money from Charlie Sheen.

So, that’s sort of a roundabout way of explaining why Michael Moore got nearly a million dollars in handouts from the government to make a movie about how corporations shouldn’t get handouts from the government.

Louise Story of the New York Times writes an excellent piece on state subsidies for Hollywood films and studios – a frequent practice that often reaps very little in tax revenue or long-term jobs.

Her report explores the huge amount of film credits in the state of Michigan boosted by former Gov. Jennifer Granholm.

According to the report, liberal Michael Moore received $841,145 in incentives to film his documentary “Capitalism: A Love Story” in Michigan.

The worst part? While bailout money for corporations came from Federal coffers, and impacted (or didn’t impact, depending on your commitment to the idea of higher tax rates producing government revenue) the Federal debt and deficit in the long term, the money that Michael Moore received came directly from the tax coffers of failing cities, who needed that money to pay for things like police, fire and trash pickup. Buuuut, whatever. It kept him in donuts and Michigan State hats for a full six months. And he has an Oscar.

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