Mitt Romney is pretty much everywhere now.

So, after finishing up his Presidential bid, Mitt Romney went on a world tour. But not of the world. Of like, a gazillion places normal people go. Because, apparently, now, after everything is said and done, it has occurred to Mitt Romney that he should try to blend in with the regular folk. So that is what he’s been doing.

Thankfully, social media has been there every step of the way, so we have collected a small file of Things Mitt Romney Has Been Doing Now That Mitt Romney is Not Running for President Anymore.

Today, for instance, not to be outdone by Joe Biden, Mitt Romney stopped at the CostCo with his wife to pick up a gazillion paper towels, some wrapping paper, a couple of Chinese toy cars, a coat, bottled water, generic fruit snacks, Bisquick and something that looks like it’s made of coconut. And he even stacked his cartand returned it to the cart corral.

He’s looking…um…okay, he’s definitely not a robot. Robots would never let themselves go like that. It’s like the first rule of roboting.

On November 12, just a mere week after he lost his Presidential bid, Mitt Romney was spotted pumping his own gas.

And just prior to that, he’d been to Disneyland.

Note the same shirt, and the same air of being recently painted by Normal Rockwell.

Just yesterday, he continued his tour of American landmarks by visiting McDonalds.

And for dinner he stopped by a pizza place with his grandkids (or some children he picked up off the street) where he waited in line for a couple of slices and a bottle of sparkling water at Pizzeria Limone.

And lastly, he stopped at a CVS where he bought Cheerios. While wearing shorts.

I suppose the good news is, if you miss his face, you can probably find him next at a Dunkin Donuts.

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