Harry Reid does not believe you have a budget proposal, America.

A couple of weeks ago, the President recruited Tim Geithner, who rarely pays taxes for his own personal reasons, to help take charge of a plan that would reform the government’s “revenue generation” system, thereby avoiding the “Fiscal Cliff” caused by the Administration not presenting a budget to Congress that received even one vote in three years. After several hours, the Geithner-Obama team produced a “viable” cliff avoidance plan that was basically exactly the same as the last budget proposal that they sent to Congress, which flopped on the floor as theentire House and Senate voted against it.

This afternoon, the Republicans decided that it might be a good idea to hold a vote on the Obama-Geithner plan, just for sh*ts and giggles and to see if anyone on the Dem side would change their minds on the subject. Naturally, Harry Reid objected, first calling the vote a “stunt” orchestrated by Republicans, and then denying that Obama and Geithner ever presented a proposal.

Which is probably news to at least one member of that two-man team.

“If the President’s proposal was made in good faith, Democrats should be eager to vote for it,” McConnell said today. “So I’m surprised the Majority Leader just declined the chance for them to support it with their votes. I guess we’re left to conclude that it couldn’t even pass by a bare majority of votes, and that they’d rather take the country off the cliff than actually work out a good-faith agreement that reflects tough choices on both sides.”…

“There is no Geithner proposal,” Reid said. “This is all made up.” Reid’s comment might come as a surprise to Geithner and the reporters who interviewed him over the weekend.

“We laid out a very detailed, carefully designed set of spending, savings and tax changes that help put us on a path offiscal responsibility,” Geithner told Fox News’ Chris Wallace on Sunday.

These are not the droids you’re looking for, America. Also, that was a waste of a Sunday morning television blitz. Someone got Tim Geithner out of bed and into makeup at CNBC for nothing, people. For nothing.

Unfortunately, what this probably means, other than Harry Reid is kind of a p*ssy, is that the Very Serious Fiscal Cliff Proposal that was supposed to save the country is only serious insofar as it uses a very professional looking font and is printed on heavy paper. Harry Reid would probably have put the proposal up for a vote…had it been a proposal that Harry Reid (or any but a small and embarrassing number of Democrats) supports. As it stands, the Democrats were more than likely banking on Republicans to humiliate themselves melting down in opposition to the President’s plan without ever taking it to the floor, earning Congress either a Fiscal Cliff disaster they’d all pay for (meaning no one would take the blame), a Republican doomsday tax increase on the wealthy, or a six-month extension on the whole mess. Any way you go, no actual work involved for Harry Reid and I suspect that’s the way he likes it.

Someone is probably going to have to find Tim Geithner now and give him an ice cream.

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