Morning Report: The world stage

Yesterday, the US Senate rejected a UN treaty that would have expanded the definition of disability to incorporate a number of bizarre and otherwise normal behaviors. Which means that Ashley Judd’s service dog, which she carries around because she has “depression” or alternatively “because she cannot get a date and doesn’t like eating alone” a legitimate thing. Which means it would be that much harder to use that as opposition research when she runs for Congress in a heavily Republican district.


1. The MSNBC hosts who visited the White House yesterday weren’t as secretive as the White House who invited them.

2. A lot of people have their panties in a wad over Bob Costas having a “moment” about gun control, but it’s important to remember that Bob Costas doesn’t set the national policy on firearms. Bob Costas doesn’t even set NBC’s policy on Bob Costas.

3. Rich people cause global warming. Because, obviously.

4. Maxine Waters was investigated for directing TARP funds to her husband’s bank. Which makes her a natural choice to head up the House Financial Services Committee.

5. Detroit would please like that government bacon, now. Mmmmmmm….kay?

You’re on your own, America.

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