Sandra Lee gubernatorial Christmas-scape basically a natural disaster.

Look, I don’t know that Sandra Lee actually decorated this ridiculous monstrosity, but I’m willing to bet that whoever she hires to do her television “tablescapes” while she’s downing morning margaritas had a hand in it.

Because, ladies and gentlemen, the governor of New York has a Christmas tree that is being guarded by a shiny tiger.

A shiny tiger.

Go home, Christmas tree. You’re drunk. Or Sandra Lee is.

Oh, and that Majestic Silver Tiger? That m*****f****r costs like, $4,500.

At any rate, there’s one thing that needles me more than just the lives of those lovely plastic tree-topper birds, cut short in their prime of decorating the mall “wishing pool:” that this is a tiny little reminder of exactly how close a Food Network personality is to being First Lady. I mean, short of Hillary Clinton leaving her husband for Guy Fieri. Every time I think about it, I die a little.

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