Morning Report: The decline of South Korea

Former Congressman Alan Simpson has put an end to Gangnam Style.

And now that that has passed us by, let’s get on to the news.

1. Obama is now on his way to EGOT.

2. So a lot of the money that we gave to “green jobs” went to support green jobs. Just in China.

3. Because it’s working so well in his home state of Illinois – and specifically in Chicago – Obama is expected to take on gun control in his second term.

4. Back in November, the citizens of Michigan soundly defeated a measure that would have allowed collective bargaining rights to be enshrined in their Constitution. In return for the union’s loving extended hand, the state is now considering making itself Right-to-Work.

5. Ed Asner would like to piss on Sean Hannity. Also, has no idea who just gave him this banana or where his car is.

Good luck, America. At least you’re not Ed Asner.

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