Michelle Kwan gives up on figure skating, becomes bureaucrat

I sort of feel sorry for Michelle Kwan, dating back to the last Winter Olympics when she super got her ass kicked and then had to do the exhibition skate to “Fields of Gold” in this sparkly gold dress that was like, totally made for when she won the gold medal. It really hasn’t been the life that Michelle probably wanted it to be, which I guess is fine because not all of us achieve our dreams of international superstardom, but she tried.

At any rate, Michelle Kwan has given up her dreams of gold medals and seems to have started in on her dreams of gold Nobel Peace Prizes. She is now a full time bureaucrat for the State Department.

Need proof that Michelle Kwanis truly a Washingtonian now? The figure skating legend has become a bureaucrat.

About a year and a half after moving to D.C., the former Olympian is launched on a career track, with a new job this fall at the State Department. Official title: Senior adviser for public diplomacy and public affairs.

Apparently, she actually graduated from Tuft’s law and diplomacy schools and has been an unofficial ambassador for years while she still retained some semblance of a skating career.

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