The Right-to-Oh-Shut-Up-And-Get-Back-To-Work

Apparently, union members are perfectly OK with forcing others to work through their lunch break as more and more union protesters bus-ed in from Florida and Ohio order pizza into the Capitol, so they can all get into a circle and protest a right-to-work bill.

Now let’s review the CRAZY.

Nearly 30,000 children are missing school today because teachers are off gallivanting at the State Capitol, following union orders to protest (punch and pie all-inclusive). FYI this means there are now more children missing school than there are actual protesters. But they’re not SAYING that – the teachers are calling in sick. And what are the children doing? Well, several districts are calling this “a snow day.” Despite the distinct absence of SNOW.


The typical union thuggery is taking place. A bunch of union protesters just tore down an AFP-Michigan tent. Eight people arrested from last week. Mob rule. Michigan legislators calling “Heil Hitler, Heil Hitler”! The Detroit Free Press reports police officers (coincidentally, also unionized) donning riot gear this afternoon, and some had to get on horses.

The same old braindead, low-down, no-good addle-pated union poppycock as always.

Except reports from inside the AFL-CIO and other places reports union morale is really, really low. Apparently, union bosses were kind of hoping Michigan taxpayers wouldn’t notice that whole “Prop 2 enshrine collective bargaining into the state Constitution thang.” And it turns out they did, and a majority support a right-to-work law as a non-revolutionary measure to tone down union power and attract businesses to Michigan.

God, I can’t wait for The Hobbitses.

So with a minimum of Whitney Houston-level drama (too soon?), let’s review the fundamentals of the right-to-work debate:

  1. It’s probably a democratic, nice thing for government to stop protecting unions from firing workers just because they don’t want to pay unions for non-services and/or massive political fundraising, frequently for candidates they don’t support.
  2. “Free Riders” are a myth on approximately 900 percent of the counts. Unions could accept “members only” agreements, where they collectively bargain for only those people who voluntarily join a union, but that would obviously limit their collective bargaining power. So they NEVER CHOOSE that option. (Like, ever.) Then the whole idea that their spending most of their money on bargaining for workers? Sure as hell not in Michigan. The state’s largest labor union, the Michigan Education Association, spent 61 percent of union dues on “general overhead,” and only 11 percent on “representational activities.” General overhead presumably includes aforementioned punch and pie.
  3. Michigan has a really sad, pathetic outmigration rate – and Detroit’s is EPIC – and much of that is people voting with their feet and moving to right-to-work states. Liberal and Conservative economists can argue over income disparities, benefits, etc., but the indisputable fact is that right-to-work attracts businesses and thus creates more jobs. People aren’t moving because they really, super-duper hope they get exploited. They’re moving because they think they can get freakin’ EMPLOYED.

At the end of the day, this is about choice. Let’s not lose our heads that unions will disappear because of right-to-work – and why would they fear being held accountable??? – but let’s make sure people have a say in whether they do. For some reason, that has Michigan unions scared as balls up in hur.

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