Morning Report: The left hook

So yesterday, this thing happened that really didn’t make a lot of news because it wasn’t controversial and no one completely lost their sh*t over it doing things like, you know, tearing down tents with women and children inside them and then cutting them into ribbons and keeping those pieces for souvenirs. Like, no one even noticed.

I can’t even hide the sarcasm on that. That was just pathetic. Yes, America, Michigan, who by all rights was due to suffer a nuclear accident followed by an ensuing zombie apocalypse before it declared that workers should not have to, by law, join a union and have dues extracted out of their paycheck and directed into the coffers of the Democratic party against their will as a condition of their employment. I mean, people. The zombies were going to be unionized.

1. The good news is that unions, while heavily schooled in “agitating” have apparently not been heavily schooled in the slow march of technology, so yesterday, when they decided to run around like lunatics and rip people’s tents down, lots of people caught it on camera.

2. At least one union member celebrated the bill’s passage by cold-cocking Stephen Crowder. And while it is true that pretty much everyone has fantasized about cold-cocking Stephen Crowder at one time or another, the response, in this case, was inappropriate and also battery.

3. At least one Michigan elected official has not yet learned that the Internet is forever. Also, he drinks your milkshake. HE DRINKS IT UP.

4. And because yesterday wasn’t crazy enough, the Seventh Circuit overturned Illinois’ provision against concealed carry. The state has 180 days to craft a law in compliance with earlier Supreme Court decisions regarding firearms, and an infinite amount of time to convince gang bangers to obey said law.

5. Homeland Security is loaning out unmanned drones to local police forces. Because, in this scenario, absolutely nothing could go wrong.

And a couple more, since I missed a great deal of blogging yesterday because I was busy fighting with idiots on Twitter who decided it was appropriate to wax poetic about the dismal future of Detroit, a city potentially run by bears, under a system that would allow for Michigan to become competitive in an evolving workforce landscape, from their cushy offices in West Coast universities.

BONUS #1: As it turns out, despite what he said before, and what he claimed during the campaign, the Obama Administration has not taken raising the minimum age for Medicare, or instituting a Medicare “means test” that would require seniors who can afford to go without food to pay for their medication to do so.

BONUS #2: Richard Mourdock, who lost his race because he opened his big fat yap, is very angry at the dastardly liberal media who quoted him correctly.

BONUS #3: Al Franken didn’t need to read the Affordable Care Act before he voted for it because he knew it would be awesome and unicorns and fairy dust. Now, he’s pissed that there were things he didn’t know about in the law he didn’t read. Go figure.

BONUS #4: Michelle Obama would rather not hand out these toys.

BONUS #5: That woman in the photo up there is a member of the MEA. As in, the “Michigan Education Association.” The rat behind her has the governor’s name misspelled on it. In a way, this both demonstrates exactly why Michigan stopped making civics a requirement for it’s elementary schoolers – seems it’s a bit tough even for the adults – and exactly why Michigan was probably very ready to rethink this “union thing.”

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