Rep. James Moran definitely passed on the crazy gene

Before the election, if anyone really remembers that far back, or on the off chance you didn’t black out of it completely in the days following, James O’Keefe caught Patrick Moran, the son of Rep. James Moran, on video signing off on the plans of a “campaign worker” who voiced an intent to engage in a hilariously inept plan to rig Rep. Moran’s re-election. Patrick Moran, whose fondness for ridiculous scarves probably accounted for a great deal of campaign spending considered “general overhead,” was immediately fired from the campaign and given real work to do appropriate to his position as the entitled son of a Congressman.

Upstanding citizen as he is, Patrick Moran wasted no time in demonstrating his commitment to gender relations, and today, plead guilty to assault in a domestic violence incident involving him and his girlfriend.

Moran and his girlfriend were fighting outside 14th St. bar The Getaway around 1:23 a.m. on Dec. 1, according to a police report, over Moran talking to another woman at the bar. Suddenly, Moran allegedly slammed his girlfriend’s head into the bar’s metal trash can cage.

After the attack, police described Moran’s girlfriend as “bleeding heavily from her nose nose and also observed that her nose and right eye were extremely swollen.” One of the ambulance technicians who transported her to Howard University Hospital told police that Moran appeared to have broken her nose and given her a skull fracture under her right eye.

Moran was arrested for felony domestic violence assault, but pleaded the charge down to simple assault today. He was sentenced to probation.

Lest you think the apple falls far from the tree, remember – fondly – a 1999 incident in which his father, Jim, the Congressman, notably remarked that he “liked to hit people” (following, of course, his making a number of anti-Semetic statements), a preference he demonstrated in June of that same year by allegedly smacking around his wife. For his part, he claimed that his wife had “started it” by engaging him in an argument over money, because that is a totally understandable reason to hit your wife.

Of course, don’t let this single incident color your opinion of the Moran family. Jim has a list of awesome accomplishments, including accusing an 8-year-old black boy of attempting to carjack him, shoving Rep. Duke Cunningham to the floor after the latter had accused him of turning his back on the Gulf War, threatening to break Rep. Dan Burton’s nose during a debate and threatening to injure a media tracker. And all this happened between meltdowns over the Jewish people and the Catholic Church.

So let’s just say that old Patty here comes by it rightly. Though I’m not entirely sure about the fashion sense.

[Via Quinton Report]

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