Nikki Haley drops massive oppo bomb on fake Colbert campaign

Sen. Jim DeMint made the decision late last week to retire from his comparatively low-paying Senate post January 1st to take the helm of the Heritage Foundation. His departure means a number of things: that it’s painfully obvious that conservatives see being outside the system as the true path to “change,” that Jim DeMint probably didn’t have a promising career as a lobbyist ahead of him, and that Jim DeMint is probably never going to have to buy another suit ever again. But above all, it means that Nikki Haley is now charged with making sure someone fills his empty Senate seat.

And Stephen Colbert has already expressed serious interest, which means, as per Nikki Haley’s responsibility, Colbert had to be exposed to the vetting process.

Comedian Stephen Colbert has been “vetted” to replace retiring Sen. Jim DeMint, South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley joked on Thursday.

“Mr. Colbert, clearly a whole lot of people felt you needed a second look for U.S. Senate,” Haley wrote on Facebook. “And because I believe in doing my full due diligence … this is what our vetting process came back with:”

The document, in pitch perfect RNC research doc format, contains a laundry list of damning items, including an incident where Stephen Colbert could not readily name the state amphibian, and that he had once offered to stumble around South Carolina’s capitol without pants on.

Stephen Colbert

Frankly, it’s more impressive than Jim Moran.

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