Watch Hank Johnson apologize for calling people midgets for ten minutes.

At some point in the debate over the propriety of Michigan’s Right to Work law, Hank Johnson, most famous previously for his concerning speech about the possibility of Guam turning completely over, made a comment about the unions being a “little guy” in a fight against the giant of Michigan’s legislature, referring to the unions specifically as being like “a midget.”

Well, as it turns out, “midget” isn’t a politically correct word anymore, and shortly following his speech, Johnson was chastised by an equal rights organization for using what amounts to a derogatory term for those affected by dwarfism. In response, Johnson launched into a rambling apology today on the House floor that…well…look.

So I can’t think of too many words that can exactly refer to this sort of disability, but let me just say that in the grand scheme, I don’t really see being called “abnormally small people” (and then being referred to repeatedly as “little people” distinct from pretty much everyone else) being any more flattering than being called a “midget,” except that the latter has historically negative connotations, and the former is about as good as Hank Johnson is capable of doing.

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