Rapper The Game threatened by tiny Asian woman, calls in reinforcements

So The Game has a new album out. I mean, I know you’re thrilled. More boring post-gangsta rhymes and name dropping! WOO! I know I’m so thrilled, because I had no idea he planned to come out with more music, or, for that matter, realized that he had recorded more than one song. Because they’re all exactly the same.

But that’s beside the point. At any rate, The Game has a new album called Jesus Piece, because Kayne West was rapping about his Jesus piece six years ago and word has just gotten to the rest of the mainstream rap world, and the cover is somewhat controversial.

Prepare yourselves to be outraged! Or something.

I know. I’m terrified. And angry. And…I don’t even care. Whatever. This guy did this for the attention, but he did it after even Nicki Minaj did it. Let’s all take a moment and pour one out for the death of the rap genre.

At any rate, The Game, who is a badass dude from Compton who gets into street brawls with other rappers, once Tweeted the phone number of the LA County Police Department in Compton to distract them from whatever else was going on for a whole night, and was hard enough to be a part of G-Unit, and once started a rap beef with a man who was shot nine times in the face, has had his major weakness exposed thanks to the hub-bub over his “blasphemous” album cover: he’s deathly afraid of little Asian women. Because when Michelle Malkin, who is probably the only person I have ever met who is smaller than I am, took a shot at his choice of imagery, he completely lost his sh*t.

Look, first of all, asking fans of rap music to boycott Fox News is like asking Orthodox Jewish men to boycott a bacon manufacturer. Short of getting a little quick publicity for a lackluster album, it’s pretty much as pointless as you can get. But really. This is sad. Like, it would only be more sad if this was all happening while The Game was performing in the dimly lit auditorium of a Kansas community center.


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