Jonathan Jackson considers taking Jesse’s post, but Sandi Jackson probably can’t.

When all else fails, keep the seat your family vacated in disgrace within the family so no one can find out how deep the scandal truly goes, right? It only makes sense, after all the only people who will truly keep you safe following a scandal are the people who are obligated to love you in the event they need an emergency kidney.

While Jesse Jackson, Jr.’s brother has expressed interest in potentially replacing his disgraced kin (though technically, he isn’t one of the 150 Democrats who showed up to a potential candidates forum – and that number isn’t even a joke), the most logical familiar replacement, Jesse’s wife, Sandi, might be permanently out of contention. Because, as it turns out, while Jesse was off buying expensive office furniture and Rolexes for his blonde mistress, Mrs. Jackson might have been doing some of her own sketchy financial planning.

Five days after Jesse Jackson Jr. resigned from Congress, his wife, Ald. Sandi Jackson, filed a series of amendments to her ward committee’s campaign fund, revealing dozens of previously undisclosed transactions that went back three years. That includes at least $13,000 in previously undisclosed transfers from her husband’s congressional account into her ward organization account, a Sun-Times review of campaign records show.

Among the undisclosed transactions shown in the amended reports were monthly transfers of $1,250 to his wife’s 7th Ward Independent Political Organization — or SWIPO. In a federal disclosure, Rep. Jackson’s campaign fund indicates a $1,250 payment to SWIPO is for rent — he and his wife share campaign office space on Chicago’s South Side. However, the 7th Ward disclosure did not list the purpose of the $1,250 transfers.

Sandi’s office calls the undisclosed transfers “mistakes,” the result of incompetent staffers and uncooperative technology, but none of this is entirely shocking. Even during this last campaign, when Jesse Jackson Jr. wasn’t even technically running for the seat he eventually re-won because he was holed up in the Mayo Clinic pondering how to best escape an indictment, she was collecting a fat $5,000-per-month salary as his “campaign manager.” Jesse even included a caveat in his resignation letter indicating that he -and he alone – bears responsibility for his mistakes, which most insiders took to mean he intended to defend his wife from any allegations.

The good news for Chicago residents is, of course, that although Sandi took an extended leave from her city council duties to attend to her crazy husband, she’s back with no plans to retire. So she’s definitely following her husband’s lead in doing what they feel is best for their constituents.

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