Obama will have a dinosaur named after him. For reals.

Look. I’ve had enough arguing today. Apparently, everyone’s – and by “everyone” I mean the people who populate social media and account for approximately .01328972356787% of the human population – first inclination in a tragedy is to squabble about politics. I don’t know if that’s necessarily bad – I mean, if it’s all we know, it’s a comfort zone – but it makes for an unpleasant day on top of an unpleasant day. What can you really do? There are no easy answers. No one is going to solve this tonight. Or tomorrow. Or until humans stop being, well,human.

So let’s just move on with life, shall we? Because while we were arguing, this happened.

A new prehistoric lizard species has been named Obamadon Gracilis after President Obama.

The lizard was first discovered in eastern Montana in 1974 but only recently classified as a new species.

Yale scientists combined the Latin “Obamadon” for “Obama’s teeth” and “gracilis” meaning slender to name the toothy lizard.

Apparently, the lizard is very tall, had a crazy, foreboding smile and dressed only in Hart Schaffner Marx suits.

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