Morning Report: The final week

One week until Christmas. One week. It’s too late to find gifts for everyone on your list now. You should probably just find a Mayan and hang on.

1. Sen. Daniel Inouye passed away yesterday at the age of 88. If there was ever a badass on Earth, it was Daniel Inouye.

2. Iran has made it clear it would prefer gun control in America. And also free guns. You do the math.

3. NBC Correspondent Richard Engel was held for five days by an unknown force in Syria, and then freed by a number of Syrian rebels in a roadside firefight. He is now safely out of the country and likely reconsidering his choice of career.

4. Sen. Mark Beglich would like you to know that he was very happy to add $200 million in pork barrel spending for Alaska fish farmers to a bill intended to provide relief for Hurricane Sandy victims. Those damned fish farmers needed it.

5. America has solved all of it’s problems. So we have moved to making the Easy Bake Oven gender-nonspecific.

So close, America. So close.

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