Morning Report: The Biden plan

If any American was, at any point, concerned that Congress was going to make a play to grab your guns in the wake of the Newtown shooting, I think you can probably rest easy. In his infinite wisdom, President Obama has placed Joe Biden in charge of championing assault weapons bans and gun law reforms, meaning they will be as successful as anything championed by Joe Biden. In other words, everyone wants it, no one thinks they can get it, so let’s just occupy old Joe for a while.

1. Not to worry, however. In the event they can’t whack gun owners for their part in an inexplicable tragedy, they will make sure that at least you can never again play Call of Duty.

2. Apparently, one of the Obama Administration’s in-court arguments in favor of keeping the HHS contraception mandate was that they won’t actually enforce it. Unfortunately for the Administration, the court would now like to know why the mandate is still in the law.

3. The Democrats were very much for tax hikes on the rich. Until John Boehner was. And now, they’re against it. BECAUSE.

4. That Benghazi thing just won’t go away, dammit.

5. GM is doing so well, now that they’ve been bailed out, that taxpayers will take almost a 50% loss on that awesome governmental investment, thanks to a brand new Treasury Department exit strategy.

A week from today, Christmas will be over. Two days from today, Christmas might also be over. There’s lots to look forward to, America.

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