Michelle Obama says she won’t run for office, everyone polls her anyway.

Barack and Michelle Obama took time out of their busy schedule for a hard-hitting interview with Barbara Walters, and in it, Michelle Obama revealed that, despite her vast experience at holding the not-elected office of First Lady, which entails a lot of speeches and state dinners, she will not run for office.

Apparently, Michelle Obama “lacks patience,” which is probably a surprise to pretty much no one. That said, the most shocked at this news appears to be The Atlantic, who tried to draw a conclusion about Michelle Obama’s real designs on office, by comparing her to the relatively unpopular Hillary Clinton, who at this point in her husband’s tenure was just a jumble of pantsuits, puffed headbands, thrown lamps and potential perjury charges.

In February 1999, The Wall Street Journal’s John Fund wrote that Clinton “isn’t likely to succumb to media calls for her candidacy, but she may be tempted… [S]he is in an awkward position from which she may find it difficult to transfer her public popularity into meaningful power.”

CNN, who for no apparent reason, polls First Lady likeability, has Michelle at around 75%.

Of course, while Hillary Clinton was widely viewed as a crazy bitch, most people saw her (and her husband) as only marginal threats to American democracy. Sure, there were a few stolen FBI files and a lot of hippies stinking up the White House cafeteria, but you still thought they were pretty competent, even if occasionally they slipped up and lied under oath. Michelle Obama, on the other hand, is mostly known for forcing depressingly-low-calorie meals on middle American students. And it’s not like everyone didn’t know in 1992 that you were pretty much getting President Hillary Clinton.

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