Senator Mike Crapo cannot handle his vodka, as it turns out.

So over the Christmas holiday, alcohol-abstaining Idaho Senator Mike Crapo decided to prove the old adage that you never leave a Mormon alone with your booze by getting arrested early Sunday morning in Alexandria, Virginia with a .11 blood alcohol level.

At around 12:45am, Crapo got the attention of the Alexandria PD by running a red light, was subsequently pulled over and sent to the local jail to dry out overnight and then released on a $1000 bond. Thankfully, the police report is public record, or we would know none of this, and we would also not know that when it comes to doing shots, Mike Crapo is a lightweight.

Upon encountering the driver, identified as Michael Dean Crapo with an address in Washington, DC’s Capitol Hill neighborhood, the officer detected a strong odor of alcohol on Crapo’s breath “which became stronger as he spoke,” according to the criminal complaint. The officer wrote that the driver exhibited slurred speech and described the driver’s eyes as “bloodshot and watery.”

“The driver indicated that he consumed several shots of vodka hours earlier and did not consume any more alcoholic beverages since,” the officer wrote in the report.

At least he didn’t set fire to anything, I guess.

Crapo has since apologized and since driving drunk is not really a barrier to holding elected office successfully – just ask anyone with the last name “Kennedy” – Crapo is expected to resume work on January 3rd. And thanks to internal shuffles, he’ll be taking the top Republican spot on the Senate Banking Committee. Which could, of course, explain the sudden onset of alcoholism.

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