After avoiding the cliff, Obama heads to Hawaii for $3.5M vacation extension

You’ve just passed a tax hike that will do nothing to curtail the financial disaster America is headed into over the next decade as government spending far exceeds government revenue and most major Federal programs face impending bankruptcy because Congress can’t seem to understand how to exercise any sort of discipline when it comes to spending money that isn’t technically theirs. What are you going to do next, President Obama?

Oh, right. Go back on your extended Hawaiian vacation.

President Barack Obama is back in Hawaii for vacation after a tense, end-of-the-new-year standoff with Congress over the fiscal cliff.

The president arrived early Wednesday morning, local time, after an overnight flight aboard Air Force One. He was rejoining his family for a holiday break after having returned to Washington following Christmas to deal with the unfinished business that threatened to throw the economy back into recession.

The President’s return trip to Hawaii will pile an estimated $3.2 million on top of the $4 million the First Family’s vacation is already costing American taxpayers. And that estimate only considers the expense of operating Air Force One: around $180,000 per hour.

Cliff diving, indeed.

UPDATE: Apparently, he left without signing the Fiscal Cliff bill that he was freaking out about.

Well, then.

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