Morning Report: Off the cliff

Sorry, guys. Like most Americans, I spent yesterday hungover and despondent from the Fiscal Cliff deal struck the night before. And New Years Eve. But mostly the Fiscal Cliff deal. I’ll outline some of the finer points of our complete surrender to the jaws of financial disaster later, but here’s a helpful chart from Zero Hedge to put into perspective the type of deal that we’re looking at as compared to the type of problem that needed to be addressed.

The forced scrolling is a nice touch.

1. After marking a win on the Fiscal Cliff, because apparently, Republicans can’t see a ticking time bomb with a two year countdown clock until the last two weeks, President Obama says that raising the US’s credit card limit is not up for negotiation.

2. Negotiations apparently turned sour between Rep. John Boehner and Sen. Harry Reid, because Boehner told Reid to “go f*** himself” apparently unaware that Reid had been satisfying that need for years by f***ing taxpayers.

4. According to Nancy Pelosi, if you voted against the Fiscal Cliff bill that cut $1 of spending for every $41 of spending it ratified, you’re as unpatriotic as a Communist wrapped up in a Canadian flag.

5. It’s over, Paul Ryan.

It’s a new year, America! Let’s celebrate before we get our first paychecks!


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